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Hiro Gloss Shampoo 400 ml.

Hiro Gloss Shampoo 400 ml.

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Gently cleanses the hair, leaving it fresh and shiny. The hair feels remarkably smooth and voluminous.

Apply to damp hair and scalp, lather, and rinse thoroughly. Adds gloss to the hair, leaving it smooth, delicately fragranced.

Discover the essence of brilliance with our Glossy Shampoo, a luxurious symphony crafted for your hair.

Envision each strand transformed into a silken thread, shimmering with an otherworldly luster that captivates the light. Infused with the essence of exotic botanicals, our formula dances through your hair, nourishing it from root to tip.

The delicate fragrance lingers, a whisper of serenity that accompanies you throughout your day.

Indulge in a moment of pure decadence. As the rich lather envelops you, feel the stresses of the day melt away, leaving only the invigorating sensation of rejuvenated vitality.

Your hair, reborn with an opulent glow, becomes your crowning glory.

Our Glossy Shampoo is more than just a cleansing ritual; it's an embrace of beauty and elegance. Elevate your hair care to an art form, and let your hair tell a story of radiance and sophistication.


Organic & Natural certified.

crafted utilizing eco-conscious production.

Green formulation principles.

Ingredients are sourced with respect for biodiversity.

Packaging is designed for recyclability.

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